Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! If you tick one or more of the following, we could be a fit:

  • You want a marketing partner that makes it their business to know your business.
  • You want a marketing partner that treats your money as their own investment, carefully monitoring ROI.
  • You want an agency that sees marketing as a path to business growth, rather than an end in itself.
  • You prefer honest, disciplined and expert to slick and showy.

You’re likely a perfect candidate for fractional marketing support!

Melanie would work with your leadership team to identify priorities and develop strategies to achieve your goals. She would then work closely with your internal resources to implement, bringing in external specialists if, as and when necessary.

When it comes to projects, our most important criteria is that it encompass strategy and implementation. Size and budget are factors as well – $20,000 is our approximate minimum project fee (for strategy and implementation management).

Regardless, do feel free to reach out. If your project does not meet our sweet spot – or could be handled through a single member of our extended team – Melanie will be happy to recommend an alternate course of action.

One of our entrenched marketing principles, which you’ll hear from us if we work together, is ‘know your target market.’ We take our own advice on that one!

We work exclusively with established B2B businesses based in (or with a strong presence) in Canada. Typically, new clients come to us when they are ready to move into the second phase of development, where personal contacts and sales efforts are no longer enough, and marketing becomes necessary to growth.

Yes – and very closely at that! As the Principal here at Imaginis, Melanie handles all client-facing interactions, from the first discovery call to final sign off on each deliverable – and all the details in between.

Our team is a strong network of carefully selected independent contractors, many of whom have worked together for many years, that we bring in on a project basis. This includes (but is not limited to) graphic designers, copywriters, web programmers, media relations experts, digital marketing experts, SEO specialists, competitor analysts, and more.

Successful fractional relationships are designed to be ongoing and long-term – but they often stem from project-based work. Beginning with a project (or a series of projects) is a great way to get a feel for the arrangement and a sense of what’s possible through an ongoing relationship. Please feel free to reach out to discuss a project – or fractional leadership – in more detail.

Financially Responsible Marketing™️ is our term for marketing that:

  • Spends each marketing dollar as if it were our own
  • Is always focused on you, your needs and your goals
  • Never gets caught in the Marketing Trap of doing marketing for marketing’s sake, all the while spouting marketing lingo. Marketing is a tool, a means, to make doors open to the growth you seek.

We can certainly provide strategy, but only with a plan in place for proper implementation, because a key pillar of our commitment to Financially Responsible Marketing™ is ensuring your investment nets a return.

Melanie does offer strategic counsel on an hourly basis, which can be a great place to get advice on how best to proceed. Please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in this option.

Interested in working with us – or think you might be?