Your business is thriving

It’s time for your marketing to pull its weight

You’re looking for expert marketers to help you build awareness, elevate your brand, and give your sales team a head start on every prospect

Advanced rafters in lifejackets and helmets paddling up towards the breaking waves in very choppy waters.

Let’s identify your challenges

Do you have:

Value doubts?

Fears of losing ground?

Big plans?

Growing pains?

Brand challenges?

Value doubts

You question your marketing results, and whether
you’re getting the best value from your marketing spend.

Action Plan

  • Recommend budget; prioritize marketing activities to support revenue goals.
  • Create inbound marketing based on the principle of Financially Responsible Marketing™ – managed and measured projects.

Losing ground

You’re flat-out embarrassed about your website and you avoid sending anyone there. Partners, new hires, your sales team, and even clients say, you’ve fallen behind.

Action Plan

  • Internal discovery and external review (includes competitive positioning audit, ideal customer definition)
  • Set brand direction, including positioning (unique value proposition)

Big plans

You’ve decided on a transformative initiative, and you need outside resources to knock it out of the park.

Action Plan

  • Provide access to proven industry experts, helmed by our senior resource, Melanie Dowhaniuk
  • Put the team to work. Imaginis has a history of successful results through our blends of staff and external experts

Growing pains

Your marketing hasn’t been strategic to date. You’ve outgrown your internal marketing resources.

Action Plan

  • Create and document a formalized marketing strategy to will tracked, monitored, and managed, within budget.
  • Gain access to vetted, proven marketing resources; implement seamlessly.

Brand challenges

Your sales team has an uphill climb building credibility and winning new clients, because no one has heard of you.

Action Plan

  • Branding, lead magnets, content creation. Build credibility and get your brand story out to:
    • Attract new clients
    • Expand into new markets
    • Renew confidence
    • Differentiate in a crowded market

“Imaginis helped us to build awareness, understanding, confidence, pride and buy-in at all levels, fueling us to move forward in our vision of delivering a world-class healthcare experience as a cohesive team.”

– Cindy Draycott, Executive Director Operations, Clinical Informatics, Mackenzie Health.

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